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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Savannah, Georgia

Carpal tunnel can affect anyone but mostly, it afflicts people over the age of fifty and those who work in office settings on computers everywhere. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when a nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel in your wrist gets compressed and/or irritated. Then these median nerves pass along the carpal tunnel.

Repetitive hand and wrist motions can contribute to the condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. The tingling and numbing in your hands and up your arms are early signs of a nerve being compressed. This is the foundation of the beginning of a carpal tunnel syndrome.

There are several non-surgical and surgical options for an effective carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. For those looking for the best carpal tunnel doctor in Savannah, GA, Dr. Gregory Kolovich is a highly-recommended and topnotch choice for a carpal tunnel doctor. Dr. Kolovich completed his Harvard University fellowship and is the Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder of Micro C Imaging—the company that developed an ergonomically-designed hand-held fluoroscopy device. He is currently the President of Georgia Society for Surgery of the Hand (GSSH). Dr. Kolovich is a practicing orthopedic surgeon at Optim Orthopedics in Savannah, GA.

The symptoms and signs of carpal tunnel syndrome all orbit around the median nerve being flattened by pressure as well as hurt and inflammation. From the numbness and tingling in your index fingers to the pain and burning in your thumbs—the pain in your hands can travel up your forearms, making its way to your shoulders. The symptoms can be mild and may eventually disappear. You will notice an occasional numbness and that numbness will cause you to experience episodes of weakness.

Dropping objects and trouble with your grip are signs that you may want to get looked into. A pinched muscle feeling in your thumb can be a symptom of carpal tunnel in the making. It is unusual to see any outer changes on/in your hands, except when allowed to go untreated and get to an advanced stage when the muscles that controls your thumb will get smaller. The median nerve’s job is to supply these muscles; and when it has been compressed for a long time, they will waste away, get weaker, and smaller. Your doctor should be consulted so you can get proper treatment long before this happens.

Sadly, the term carpal tunnel is commonly used anytime someone has tingling or symptoms in their fingers. The reality is there are many causes of tingling or symptoms into your fingers, making it crucial that you seek medical attention for a correct diagnosis. Pain may extend to the forearm and shoulder. Some causes include trauma to the affected area or injury, swelling from tendonitis, etc.

The pain may be evidently lessened by simply wearing a wrist splint. The administration of corticosteroid injections is also another effective treatment option. Your doctor may provide non-surgical options such as physical therapy; otherwise, if all the non-surgical treatments have been done and the condition has not been fully treated, a carpal tunnel release surgical operation may be performed to fully treat and repair it for good. The healing may be from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the case.

Make sure to choose a reliable carpal tunnel doctor for this to ensure the success of your carpal tunnel surgery and recovery. Doctor review sites such as Healthgrades is helpful in your search for a reliable doctor for a great carpal tunnel doctor in Savannah, GA or anywhere in the United States.

The earlier your doctor can diagnose and treat your carpal tunnel, the better. If someone does not pay attention to their body and the symptoms they are feeling, carpal tunnel can slowly bring nerve damage and even worse symptoms to the point of which surgery is needed if their symptoms get worse over time. So this makes treatment and recognizing your symptoms early extremely important.

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